How Drone Technology Is Helping Us Better Understand The Animal Kingdom

05.03.17 11 months ago


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Last year, researchers from Murdoch University analyzed video taken off the western coast of Australia. The film — which appeared on Phys.Org — includes images of a very rare white southern right whale calf suckling from its mother. It was a unique moment and the footage helped researchers to accurately assess the whale’s length, weight, and health, while also studying calving and parenting habits of the species.

It was a score for researchers and the general public alike. And it none of it would have been possible without a drone.

* * *

With drones spiking in popularity in recent years, scientists have grown keenly aware of the technology’s advantages. Now they’re hopping on the bandwagon, using drones to observe wild animals in completely new ways. The huge upside of these techniques is quickly becoming apparent — animal migration patterns, breeding habits, and mating can all be studied from a safe remove.

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