Edward Snowden Helped Build An App That Will Alert You Whenever Your Laptop Has Been Tampered With

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Since 2013, former United States intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has remained in Russia after the country granted the American expat asylum as he fled charges of espionage. This special status was seemingly on rocky grounds following Donald Trump’s inauguration earlier this year, but Snowden’s asylum was extended through at least 2020. Since then, the man who famously leaked classified information about the NSA’s top secret digital surveillance programs to the public has been hard at work avoiding smartphone use while developing ways to improve their security for others.

Enter Haven, a new app Snowden developed after being inspired by human rights advocate Jacqueline Moudeina when the two met in early 2017. According to The Verge, the American expat told Moudeina he was working on an application that would “turn a mobile device into a kind of motion sensor in order to notify you when your devices are being tampered with.” It wouldn’t prevent said hacking, per se, but it would at least notify the device’s owner with documented evidence of the act.

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