Even Far-Right Conservatives Like Grover Norquist Hate SOPA Now

Grover Norquist (not pictured at right) is a power player among Republicans. He’s the head of Americans for Tax Reform, and he’s also spearheading a project to have something in every county in America (not every state: every county) named after Ronald Reagan. He’s about as conservative as it gets in the U.S. outside of people living in the woods with a lot of guns screaming about black helicopters.

So he’s all for this newfangled “shut down any website the gubmint doesn’t like” law, right?

Apparently not!

This is a major blow to this godawful law because Americans for Tax Reform is about as ardent a defender of intellectual property rights as you get. As in, they want it written into trade agreements, and applauded the terrible bill the U.S. pressured Spain into passing. And they supported SOPA at first, but now…

We applaud Chairman Smith’s commitment to fixing the deficiencies in the original bill and hope the chairman will allow the concerns many have with the remaining parts of the bill to be addressed. The problem of rogue Web sites is a serious problem and it’s important to take the time to craft meaningful legislation that tackles infringement, while protecting innovation and free speech online.

That pounding noise you hear? A nail being pounded into SOPA’s coffin.