Even ‘Togetherness’ Star Mark Duplass Steals His Parents’ HBO GO Password

Last week, HBO stars Mark Duplass of Togetherness and John Oliver of Last Week Tonight stopped by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. When taking call-in viewers, a woman asked Duplass what the “coolest perk” of having a movie deal with Netflix is — as Mark and his brother Jay Duplass recently signed a four-picture deal with the streaming service — and whether or not he got unlimited accounts for his family and friends.

Duplass revealed that not only does he pay the $8.99 for his Netflix like every other schmoe out there, but he doesn’t even have his own HBO Go account, and just like everyone else, he steals HBO Go from his parents. Stars, they’re just like us!

Speaking of which, Duplass later said that despite being a pretty hunky guy married to smoking hot Katie Aselton, he draws on his own marital experience when filming those awkward sex scenes for Togetherness. Just when you think pretty people have it all figured out…

Via Page Six