Europe Gets ‘Better Call Saul’ First, And Other Things You Need To Know From Netflix’s Earnings Call

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01.23.14 9 Comments

Netflix had its earnings call yesterday, and yes, most of it was financial stuff you only care about if you own Netflix stock. But there are also a lot of tidbits about new shows and other fun stuff sprinkled in. Here’s what you need to know.

Reed Hastings Totally Clowned HBO

Remember HBO’s claim that password sharing doesn’t bother them? Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, decided to see if that was true by “sharing” the password of HBO’s CEO. Considering actually doing this would violate the law, and that Hastings claimed his password was “Netflix Bitch,” we are skeptical that this was anything other than a joke, but still, ouch.

Europe Gets Better Call Saul First

Netflix apparently has the exclusive rights to premiere episodes of Better Call Saul overseas, but here in the US, we’ll have to wait until AMC is done airing the season, as usual.

Marvel’s First Netflix Show Arrives Next Year

Marvel’s got several superhero series in the works for Netflix, and apparently the first will be Daredevil. It’s arriving sometime in 2015.

Netflix Is Going Adult Swim On Us

A new animated series, for adults, entitled BoJack Horseman is coming later this year.

Orange Is The New Black’s Second Season Hits This Summer

Yep, a release date has finally been announced. It’s vague, but it will be arriving this summer.

Netflix Has 44 Million Members Now

That makes it a fairly powerful voice in streaming video, and that’s a larger subscriber base than some cable networks. It’s also apparently expanding more widely in Europe, with Germany and France being likely places.

And It Made $1.18 Billion In The Last Three Months Of The Year

Oh, and its stock went up 17% on this news. So anybody who was either hoping Netflix was a fad, or insisting that nothing could make it grow any further, it’s going to be around for a while yet.

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