Ex-Apple Engineer Gets Publicity Out Of Whining On Twitter

We’re amazed the corpse was actually allowed to cool before this happened, but now that Steve Jobs is dead, people are bitching about how, like, he totally wouldn’t have done the things that they don’t like in new Apple products.

The big w(h)inner, so far, is Michael Margolis, who claimed that Apple TV’s new UI was rejected by Steve Jobs five years ago and now there’s no quality control at Apple and baaaaaaaw. By the way, this is because the buttons on the UI have colors.

Let’s leave aside, for a moment, that this is like designers whining about bake sale flyers using Comic Sans and focus on what this really tells us: that people take Apple too seriously.

First of all, yes, Margolis worked at Apple, but we have no idea if what he’s saying is even true. It’s not like he posted a bunch of documents on Scribd, or recorded Jobs making him cry on MP3 and distributed it on Pandora (although the Steve Jobs Destroying People Channel would probably make them serious bank). He could have just been fired and be butthurt about it.

Secondly, if he were a former engineer for, say, Lenovo, nobody would care. But Apple has such a reputation for design, or rather Jobs did, that now they’ve got a problem: no matter what they do, it won’t be as good as what zombie Steve Jobs would have done. Even if it’s just color choice.

(Image via Apple)