Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary By Making Personalized Videos For Everyone, Including You

“Today is Facebook’s 10th anniversary.” So starts a Facebook update by Mark Zuckerberg. I’ll spare you the long-winded press release and cut right to the interesting part: Facebook has set up a schmaltzy personalized video for every Facebook member. These “Look Back” videos compile some of your most-liked photos and statuses, set to sentimental music.

For most people, this would be a tear-jerker full of baby pictures, smiling children, and weddings. For me — a pseudononymous paranoid who doesn’t put family details on the internet and rarely accepts friend requests — it’s this:

All set to sentimental music. So poignant, you guys.

If you want to check out your own personalized video, click here. According to Gizmodo, your personalized video should be ready sometime today if it isn’t there already.

You can read Zuckerberg’s post here if you want to for some reason. Here’s the only part which caught our attention:

I remember getting pizza with my friends one night in college shortly after opening Facebook. I told them I was excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needed to connect the whole world.

Sure, Mark. That’s what you said over pizza. “I’m excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needs to connect the whole world.” Sure.

Anyway, some of the comments under his post are priceless:


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