Facebook Is Using A Set Of Cute Emojis As Their New Dislike Button

Last month, word spread that Mark Zuckerberg had decided to give in to growing demands and is planning on bringing a “dislike button,” or something like it, to Facebook. With the growing consensus that not everything in the world (or on the internet) is happy, fun, deserving of an overzealous high five, smiley face, or just a plain old thumbs up, it looks like the popular social network is delivering to the masses what we all want…in the form of cute little emojis.

Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, shared the above video which acts as a short explainer regarding the company’s new “Reactions” feature. Sure, it’s not a flat out “dislike button,” but these six different icons have been put in place to convey the disapproving spirit of such a button in a more broad sense:

“As you can see, it’s not a ‘dislike’ button, though we hope it addresses the spirit of this request more broadly. We studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun.”

So far, the set of emojis is being tested in just two countries: Ireland and Spain. According to Techcrunch, these two countries are being focused on first because “both have largely national user bases without extensive international friend networks, so they work better as closed test groups.” These tests will provide Cox and his team much needed feedback to improve the feature before Facebook decides to roll it out to the general public.

I wonder how long it’ll take before poop emojis are brought into play. I mean, it is the internet.

(Via Facebook and Techcrunch)