Facebook Just Made It Harder To Catch People Who Edit Posts

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01.13.17 2 Comments


Nothing is more annoying than a “friend” on Facebook who goes back to a post hours, days, or even months later and changes it in order to make themselves look better. Fortunately, Facebook at least marks posts as “edited” when shifty people hop on sports bandwagons, take down fake news links, or otherwise try to hide their mistakes. But now they’ve made that a little harder to spot.

The Verge did some experimenting and discovered Facebook now hides any edit data under a drop-down menu. Instead of clearly marking posts as “edited,” you now need to click the little arrow in the far right hand corner of a status. You know, the little grey one? The one you only ever click to mute somebody’s long rants about their favorite TV show? Yeah, if they’ve edited the post, you’ll see a little “edit history” button in that menu. At the very bottom. Otherwise, there’s nothing.

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