Facebook Will Find You A New Job After Getting You Fired

Senior Contributor

As we all know, misusing Facebook, which in the case of teachers can involve owning a bikini or consuming alcohol, can get you fired. But apparently Facebook feels really, really bad about it, so they’re working with the Department of Labor to create the “Social Jobs Partnership.”

We spend a lot of time busting Facebook’s chops on this blog, usually for good reason, but this actually seems to be one of the few times it’s actually doing something both important and positive. When fully implemented, the initiative will send job postings directly to job seekers, allow employers to find possible applicants who may not be thinking about their specific company, and generally vastly overhaul the entire job-seeking system. And make it reliant on one private corporation, but let’s not linger on that right now.

Now if they could just something about your mom calling to ask questions about Facebook all the time!

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