FBI Arrests Numerous Anonymous Hackers In Nationwide Raids


This aggression surely will not stand, man…

Reports CNN:

At least 14 people have been arrested as part of an ongoing operation targeting the notorious hacking collective known as Anonymous, a federal government official said Tuesday. The arrests have taken place in locations including Florida, the San Francisco area in California and New Jersey, the official said. Earlier, a senior federal law enforcement official said up to 15 total arrests are expected following the execution of more than 15 search warrants.

The warrants were being executed in New York and several other states Tuesday by the FBI as part of the investigation, according to the federal government official.

FBI agents spread out to about a half dozen locations on Long Island, in Brooklyn and in the Bronx, where they seized computers and other records, according to the federal government official, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the investigation.

As of this writing, the Twitter accounts of Anonymous and LulzSec — which hacked into The Sun‘s website to declare Rupert Murdoch dead yesterday — have been silent on the report. However, Uproxx was able to obtain this exclusive footage of the group reacting to the arrest while screaming, “MOE, LARRY, THE CHEESE! MOE, LARRY, THE CHEESE!”

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