FCC Nukes AT&T From Orbit Over T-Mobile Merger

Hey, remember when AT&T tried to disguise a major setback in their attempt to gulp down T-Mobile like a fratboy gulps down a goldfish by pulling their FCC application over Thanksgiving? Remember that this was because withdrawing the application meant the FCC wouldn’t report on all the material they’d gathered basically telling AT&T to GTFO?

Yeah, guess what bomb the FCC just dropped.

The report’s actually fairly fascinating reading, if for no other reason that it effectively kills this bad merger once and for all; reading this report pretty much says straight-up that T-Mobile is a good thing, and AT&T-Mobile is a bad, bad thing.

AT&T, for its part, threw a truly massive hissy fit on its blog over the report, insisting that it was, like, totally one-sided and the authors were, like, totally biased, you guys. They should totally reconsider or AT&T will take its ball and go play with the cool kids.

Of course, the fact that the FCC’s report tends to coincide with the independent analysis we’ve seen, while AT&T’s seem to exist in a fantasy world where elves lovingly carry your text messages to your phone, is biasing us a little. Just a little bit.