Finally, White Space Broadband Gets Its Day

For Christmas, the FCC gave the Internet the greatest gift it could find: they agreed to start “white space” broadband tests.

This requires some technical jibber-jabber: “white space” is shorthand for “broadcast TV spectrum,” Why should you care? Range. In theory, it’d be possible to wire a few routers into a TV antenna and have a nice thick broadband coating across a sixty mile area.

Why hasn’t this happened already? Because TV broadcasters are d-bags, basically. Here’s an example of the ad campaign the NAB are apparently too snobbish to put on YouTube. But the FCC turned out to be smarter than everyone expected, and white space is being tested in Wilmington, NC.

What can we say? We’re dreaming of a White Space Chr[Ed: Yeah, no, that pun isn’t happening.]