Give To Charity Every Day With These Five Donation Apps

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With the litany of disasters in the news recently, charitable giving looms large in the minds of many. But charities need donations throughout the year, and often our limited finances make it tough to find money. Fortunately, we don’t have to; there are apps that will donate for the things we do every single day.

Donate A Photo

Johnson & Johnson has a brilliant idea for our photo obsessed culture that’s a bit like a cross between Instagram and GoFundMe. Charities sign on with goals they want to meet, and you find them in the app. Once you find a charity you want to donate to, take a snap, donate it through their app, and that donation goes towards the charity’s goals. Every charity gets a minimum donation, and, of course, if they go over their goal, they make more. Do it once a day and you’ve contributed $365 a year. Granted, that’s a lot of photos of your dog, or your kids, or that funny thing on the sidewalk, but snapping a photo worth taking, and doing some good with it, might be the most rewarding way to donate without paying a cent.

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