Ranking The Five Best Apps For Those Organizing For Change

UPROXX/Getty Image

More than ever, people are organizing for change and taking to the streets to make things better for all of us. If you want to join in, here are five useful apps to protect your rights, record the proceedings, and get everything organized.

5) Know Your Rights

There are multiple apps for different countries under the heading “Know Your Rights” and it’s worth having one on your phone. Part of protest is navigating the legal areas around use of public space and peaceful protest sensibly and with an eye towards protecting your fellow protestors, and knowing what you can and can’t do and say will help keep everyone safe.

4) Buycott

Change starts with what you spend. Buycott lets you scan anything with a UPC code and learn the history behind it, as well as select causes you want to support. It lets you protest every time you’re in the store, and ensures that if you’re picking up something to drink after you protest, that you’re not undercutting yourself.

3) Ustream

Part of change is getting the word out, and Ustream is a highly effective video platform for doing just that. Whether you’re putting a protest up for those who can’t attend or documenting what’s happening around the protest, it’s a useful tool to have.

2) Meetup

Meetup, which has been around since the relative dark ages of the internet, is still one of the most effective tools for getting large groups of people together. Whether you’re setting up a meeting to talk about permits or launching a full-on protest, it’s a great way to bring people together.

1) Your Settings

Before you do any form of organizing, it makes sense to protect your personal data. Keep in mind, if you’re arrested, in much of the country, your phone can be gone through without a warrant. So, go into your settings and encrypt your Android or iPhone, and configure your phone to only unlock with a passcode. While you’re at it, shut off biometric identification like Face ID too. You’re unlikely to face any problems but better safe than sorry.