The Five Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals

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Black Friday was something of a bust. But Cyber Monday is looking to be substantially better, not least because you won’t get murdered in the parking lot over a DVD player. Here are five of the best deals you can get today while you’re supposed to be working.

Newegg: Unlocked Cell Phones Out The Wazoo

If you want to buy somebody a cellphone they can just use, Newegg is the MVP this year. Whether you want a phone from Sony, Samsung or to get that technophobe in your life a cheap-ass phone with a keyboard, Newegg is having consistently the best deals today.

Amazon: The Only Earbuds You’ll Ever Need When Flying

I’m a personal fan of Audio-Technica and think the company gets a bad rap; I’ve used their stuff for film production for years, and it’s high-quality work. And if you fly, the ATH-ANC23 earbuds are the best I’ve used. Unlike a lot of noise-canceling headphones, Audio-Technica doesn’t phone this in; the earbuds each have their own microphone and come with an independent processing unit, which are perfect for situations where there’s a loud, constant noise in your environment. You know, like on a jet. And right now, they’re $40.

Best Buy: A Stripped-Down Touchscreen Laptop

Tablets are going to be an enormously popular item, but they’re still not great for those of us who need a laptop for work. And, if you have to use Windows 8, you’re probably cursing the lack of a touchscreen. But at $280, the IdeaPad S210 is hard to turn down; it’s got an eleven-inch touchscreen, it’s 3.1 pounds, it’s got the necessary oomph to run most software for school or work, and it’s currently $140 less than its asking price on Best Buy’s website.

B&H Photo/Video: Cheap Memory Cards

It’s the holidays, you own a digital camera, you’re going to need some memory cards. And B&H, one of the more esteemed camera stores in the country, has 32GB class 10 Sandisk memory cards for nearly half off their going price. Stock up for the holidays, or give five of them to the shutterbug of the family.

Radio Shack: A Spare Battery For Your Gadgets

We’ve all had our batteries die, and we’ve all wished we had a backup. Well, Radio Shack’s backup, which powers anything with a USB cord, is ten bucks. Normally, it’s a far too expensive $30, so this is a good deal for people who need a backup, or if you want to throw one in the car.

Any extraordinary deals we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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