Ford Makes Texting While Driving Much Easier With Siri Integration

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In an effort to make cellphone using drivers a safer presence on the road, Ford is rolling out a voice-activated Siri support for more than 5 million of its cars. That’s right, instead of texting with one eye on the road during stop-and-go traffic or pretending you are looking at directions at a stop sign, Ford is making it possible for iPhone owners to have an automatic Siri button right in their steering wheel. According to The Verge

Siri Eyes-Free integration has been accessible for some drivers for months now, but Ford is confirming today the feature’s wider availability. Owners of cars from 2011 onwards equipped with MyFord Touch (also known as SYNC in some regions) will be able to download the update from Ford’s website.

Unfortunately, only owners of cars from 2011 on will be able to access the feature, and even then only if they have vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch. Which means no Siri voice commands will be showing up in that 1998 Ford Escort you got in high school and are still driving for some reason. Even if it is only for 5 millions drivers, though, with any luck this integration will save drivers from being involved in texting while driving accidents across the country. No word yet on whether the commercials for this new feature will have any of the Kansas City Royals rapping.

(Via The Verge)