Forget Jetpacks, Scientists Can Now Levitate Objects With Sound

Okay, so it’s 2014 and it seems like our futuristic dreams of jetpacks are mostly a bust. Ahhh, but what about another sci-fi staple — what about levitation? That might be a lot closer than you think, as scientists from Japan have figured out how to make various small objects levitate using sound waves.

Actually, it’s more than just levitation — once the scientists get an object hovering, they can actually manipulate it in 3D space, making particles of sand form floating geometric patterns or matches and electronic components dance in space. It’s very cool stuff. Check it out below…

The implication for this technology is big. Flying cars kind of big. Personally though, I’m wondering how long it will be until I can use this levitation technology on the snow on my front sidewalk. Can you have it ready by this weekend?

via io9