Is Fox To Blame For This YouTube Clip Being Removed After Using It For A ‘Family Guy’ Episode?

Contributing Writer

YouTube users have been complaining more and more over the years about the website’s Content ID system automatically taking down videos for copyright infringement when no infringement has taken place. We’ve all heard stories showing how ridiculous the process can be, from unscrupulous companies claiming copyright over the music in videos and stealing ad revenue, to infringement claims being made over the sound of a cat purring. But a recent copyright takedown by FOX and Family Guy really underscores how backwards the whole process can be.

In last Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, there’s a scene where Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland play the 80s Nintendo game Double Dribble, with Peter exploiting a glitch in the game that lets him sink every three point shot he takes. The scene switches from animation to footage from the video game taken from a YouTube video uploaded by user sw1tched in 2009 that shows off the glitch.

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