A Fraternity Hazing Went Horribly Wrong And The Idiots Involved Went To Google For Help

Homicide charges have been filed after a Baruch College student, Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng, was killed last December during some bullsh*t hazing ritual at a rental home in the Poconos — where a New York-based fraternity had been holding a retreat. The kicker? As if it isn’t bad enough to torment someone to the death in order to join your crappy little boner club, the fraternity members opted not to call 911 — but Google searched “head trauma” while the poor kid lay dying. Ugh. From Gawker:

Deng was fatally injured during a “glass ceiling” hazing event where older fraternity brothers hit blindfolded pledges in a frozen backyard.

The pledges were forced to wear a 20-pound backpack of sand before attempting to crawl through a “tunnel” made up of older brothers who actively tried to knock them down.

Authorities say that the fraternity brothers attempted to mount a botched coverup after they realized Deng had been hurt — even changing his clothes before taking him for help.

Well that was considerate of them, to make him look presentable before taking him to the hospital. I hope they changed his underwear too, because who wants to get beaten to death wearing dirty underwear? Not me!

In all seriousness, I do not understand why these kids put themselves through this crap. I live just off University of Pennsylvania’s campus, and every September hordes of college girls line up like cattle outside of the sorority houses in clouds of desperation, hoping to be one of the special chosen ones to live in a house full of awful young women. How about this, instead: Make friends! It’s free, it’s relatively easy, and there’s little to no torture and degradation involved.