Google And Motorola Get The Thumbs Up For Hot Merger Action

Senior Contributor

AT&T may have a bluer logo than usual as it watches T-Mobile walk away, but Google is all up in Motorola’s business, at third base and going for home.

The problem was, of course, regulators, who were a little concerned about the biggest Internet company in the world buying a whole hardware company, especially since Google owns Android, far and away the most popular and common smartphone OS. But Google insisted it wouldn’t be evil, and Apple and Microsoft also promised to play nice — all are blatantly lying and everyone knows it.

But the Department of Justice bought it and approved the merger, albeit by saying “We’ve got our eyes on you.” So, what’s this mean to you, the smartphone user?

Mostly that better Android smartphones and tablets are coming out. Google’s trying to corral the insanity that is the dozens of flavors of Android on the market, and Motorola will let them do that by giving them flagship hardware to introduce.

Will this in any way allow them to stop Apple from controlling huge segments of the tablet and smartphone market? Ha, no. Just don’t tell their investors that.

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