Google Fiber’s Real World Speed: 700 Mbps

When we previously reported on Google Fiber, one of our commenters summed it up with the above quote. The promised speeds were up to 1GB, but, of course, promises don’t necessary get fulfilled in tech. So it’s just 700Mbps for far less than the $300 a month for 300Mbps cable companies want. Shoot.

Needless to say, that’s only over a wired connection. Over a WiFi connection, it’ll be 200Mbps or so. Here’s some startup guy gloating about it:

“The first thing I did was BitTorrent Ubuntu,” he said. “I think that took two minutes, let me try it again right now.”

Prior to Tuesday, Demarais—one of the house’s first two residents—said he’d been working out of local McDonald’s and Panera locations for their free Wi-Fi.

So, now what? Google is in the process of wiring the rest of Kansas City — currently that’s all that’s officially on the table. But it’s really, really hard to imagine, especially once Kansas City tech companies get a load of what’s happening and start telling their friends, that Google won’t start getting offers to wire other municipalities. Presumably they’ll start where Verizon left off with FiOS, which offers 50Mbps.

And that’s really when the fun starts.

Keep in mind that cable companies are not above legal, if dirty, tricks, and if Google Fiber starts showing up, their revenues will likely drop off a cliff, especially in cities. True, wiring cities is also trickier, but there’s money to be had since everyone else refuses to do it.

Of course, a logical person would point out that an industry with nearly $100 billion in revenue last year could simply upgrade their services and fight on the free market. But what kind of Communist does that?