Google Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier To Search For GIFs

While Google works on giving everybody on the Internet cats, instantly, whenever the mood strikes, it decided to make it easier to find the second thing the Internet loves the most.

No, not that. Well, we guess that would be the first thing, then cats, then GIFs, which you can now search for far more easily using Google Image Search.

It’s fairly simple, actually:

when you do an image search, click on “Search tools” below the search box, then select “Animated” under the “Any type” dropdown box.

So, for example, you’d search “Alison Brie” and instead of having to find a Tumblr, you’d just click on a still of the image and find this:

Ah, uh, heh, we meant this:

Yes. That is what we meant.

As you may have guessed, we tried it out, and honestly, it’s pretty solid, insofar as these things go. The GIFs load as a still image, still, so you’ll have to click on the preview, wait for the GIF to load, and make sure it’s the one you want.

But it beats the hell out of digging through random Tumblrs to find the perfect GIF. Which, if you were wondering, is this. Or maybe this. You’re welcome.