Google Maps To Map Indoor Spaces, Be Used Exclusively To Find Public Toilets

Senior Contributor
11.30.11 2 Comments

Ever had that wonderful experience where you’re in a city you don’t know and suddenly that burrito you had decides to assert itself? It’s usually around this point that you discover most cities are jealous and possessive of their toilets, and squirrel them away so as to be impossible to find.

Google to the rescue, as Google Maps is starting to document the great indoors. Don’t worry, Google isn’t going to make you map your house (well, not yet). Instead they’re working with major public spaces like airports and malls to get their floor plans into Google Maps. Nor will there be turn-by-turn directions, but you’ll be able to find yourself in relation to landmarks.

And, yes, it will tell you exactly where to find a toilet. So down that burrito! Have a coffee with it! Have an extra large! You’ll be able to handle it!

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