Google Sick of Jimmy Wales Too, Donates $500K

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You kind of have to feel bad for Jimmy Wales, who currently runs Wikipedia with an iron fist; he keeps posting those personal appeals and pretty much just gets ruthlessly mocked for them. On the other hand, the man did chose to feature his mug on the top banner, and a quick Google search tells us that whenever he sees a camera, he widens his eyes and glares into it, because he…wants to look like a sex offender, maybe? Seriously, look at that image at right and tell us he isn’t saying “I GOT CANDY IN MAH VAN, PURDY MOUTH!”

Anyway, apparently his attempt to top NPR for the most annoying pledge week is working, because Google’s Sergey Brin and his wife have donated $500,000 to the “Make These Annoying Banners Go Away” fund. Unfortunately, that’s only .5 of the $28.5 million they need to keep the lights on. So, if you can get past Wales’ enormous ego, maybe throw a few bucks at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, these wanted posters are not going to Photoshop themselves.

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