Why Does Taye Diggs Follow So Many People On Twitter? GQ Found The Guy Who Made It Happen

03.22.16 2 years ago


Taye Diggs follows a lot of people on Twitter. Back in 2014, we found out that it was because a social media expert told him that he should use the platform to learn from other people, rather than just disseminate information about himself to the masses.

Now GQ has caught up with that social media expert. He is Lance Laifer, who runs Old Forge Media. He’s 51 years old, a former hedge fund manager, and is from Long Island. He’s living the dream of following people on Twitter for Taye Diggs and perhaps other celebrity clients whom he won’t confirm.

In fact, Laifer won’t disclose a lot when it comes to his Taye Diggs following strategy. “You can’t automate your following on Twitter. So it’s all manual,” he says. “We believe that you should be on there as a person and we shy away from scheduling software and things like that.” Beyond that, though, Laifer won’t disclose who they choose and why. When asked if there’s a “proprietary algorithm,” Laifer replies, “It’s an algorithm that’s in your head.” Mysterious.

Other things about Laifer: he wears golf pants so that he can carry five phones at once. And he believes that the key to mastering Twitter is to treat it as a two-way street, or to follow a ton of people and get a following in return.

Does that mean that following a lot of people will get you a follow from Taye Diggs? How many follows is a Taye Diggs follow worth? The jury is still out on that.

(via GQ)

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