This Clever Engineer Turned A Keurig Into A Bionic Hand Named ‘Hedberg’

The Keurig is the subject of endless debate, when it’s not being recalled. Does it make bad coffee? Is it bad for the environment? Evan Booth skips all that by instead taking a Keurig and re-engineering it to make it a bionic hand.

Booth didn’t have a plan when he put this together. He simply decided one day to make a bionic hand out of a coffee machine and started working, racking up just shy of 200 hours constructing it. Making it more impressive, he only used conventional hand tools and small power tools instead of any custom work. The only things in this hand not from the Keurig are the power supply that drives it and the adhesives that hold it together. Everything else came from the Keurig, from the plastic to the motors.

Nor is it just a sculpture that moves. It’s dexterous enough to lift a glass and keep a firm grip, for example. Sure, you probably won’t be engineering new limbs out of the coffee machine at work any time soon, but Booth’s design is impressive, especially under the constraints he had to work with. It makes you wonder what else you could re-engineer a Keurig into. Maybe build a tiny coffee producing Terminator out of it?

(Via Gizmodo)