‘High TED Talks’ Gives A Much-Needed Platform To Your Stoned College Roommate

College Humor have outdone themselves with High TED Talks, a parody of the TED videos which sometimes veer into “rich people patting each other on the backs for stating the obvious” territory. High TED Talks gives stoned individuals a platform to relay their “Highdeas worth sharing.” How high? We’re talking “Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush” high.

I’d have to be high to sit through some TED talks, so this parody is just a natural progression. High TED Talks is directed by Matthew Pollock, written by Patrick Cassels and Adam Conover, and stars Randall Park, Ryan Gowland, Vijaya Kumari, Kristen Rozanski, and George Basil.

Check out their revolutionary proposals below. To be fair, that giant LEGO idea sounds awesome.

(H/T: BioTV)