Hitpost Makes You A Sports Reporter, But One Who Still Has No Shot At Erin Andrews

Senior Contributor

I don’t watch much in the way of sports, but I do have to admit, getting into sports reporting seems to be a way to meet a lot of hot blonde women. Or middle-aged jocks gone to seed, if that’s your kind of thing. Anyway, Hitpost, an app for the iPhone and Android, will let you get that much closer to your dream.

Hitpost started as a way for fans to share their photos of sporting events with each other. Then updates added scores, news snippets, and tweets to the aggregator, making it an excellent real-time source of information about your favorite team. Now they’ve gone one further: you can upload your commentary and stadium-side reporting to Hitpost, where it’ll be aggregated along with the rest of the content, and of course be pushed out to your Facebook and Twitter.

It’s interesting because essentially Hitpost has just created a massive social network centered around smartphones and sports. It already sees 100 photos posted per minute, and the app is enormously popular on both platforms. Considering all the money surrounding sports and sports reporting, it’ll be interesting to see what this crowdsourced sports news network does. Although we’re annoyed there’s no “Erin Andrews” feed.

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