Watch This Guy Build A Flamethrower Out Of Some Junk And Cornstarch

It goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway: Don’t build a homemade flamethrower. It is a stupid thing to do and you will probably hurt yourself. If you see this and decide to build a homemade flamethrower, that’s not our fault, because we just told you it’s stupid. Now let’s watch a dude who sounds like Krieger act utterly irresponsibly!

Seriously, in this video found by Laughing Squid, Ivan Owen sounds troublingly like one Algernop Krieger. They even kind of look alike:

That said, his flamethrower works on a fairly simple principle: Basically anything organic and dusty will burn. All it needs is to be properly distributed through air, and have a flame applied to it. Then, run away really fast; here are the Mythbusters demonstrating the same principle with coffee creamer, and getting a ridiculous fireball as a result.

The good news is that this device doesn’t have a ton of range. The bad news is that it works, so some shmuck will probably burn his house down. But at least he’ll look cool doing it!