Honest Trailers Wants To Know Why You’re Wasting All Of Your Time With ‘Clash Of Clans’

I haven’t played Clash Of Clans up to this point and that seems to be a good thing according to this episode of Honest Trailers. Not only is it one of the more brutally honest entries in the series, but it also seems like the folks behind it genuinely dislike the game.

After just doing a little bit of research, you can’t really blame them. The micro-transactions alone are enough to ruin any gaming experience, but this one just seems ridiculous. The idea that someone could blow $3,000 on anything in this game or would want to invest enough time to build themselves a contraption to play overnight is insane.

The worst I’ve ever done is attach a rubber band to my controller to enter the debug mode for Shadows of the Empire. I can’t imagine attempting to play five iPads in the shower in order to achieve an extra building or some junk.

(Via Smosh Games)