How Will A Lack Of Net Neutrality Affect You? A New Chrome Extension Shows All


It can be difficult to explain why net neutrality is so important.While there’s a strong groundswell of support for net neutrality among citizens and techies, so much so that anti-net neutrality shills are resorting to identity-thieving spambots to push back against prostest, most people still don’t get what it means to have no net neutrality at all. So, a new Chrome extensions shows you just how incredibly annoying it can be.

The Removal Of Net Neutrality Simulator is an extreme worst case scenario. But what a worst-case it is. It throttles the speed of certain websites down to almost nothing, won’t load images and Javascript on “non-sponsored” sites and coughs up annoying pop-ups demanding you go to a “sponsored” site instead. Nobody paid to be part of the extension: It’s just designed to give you a case of computer-hucking rage. The extension has a fairly puckish sense of humor, too: all the major adult sites are “non-sponsored,” but hey, you won’t have any trouble getting to Christian Mingle!

This is, of course, the absolute worst case scenario. It’s more likely that ISPs will be more subtle in how they attempt to charge you to access the internet and then turn around and try to charge websites for access to you. But the point needs to be made: An internet without net neutrality is a crappy, crappy internet indeed.

(Via Inverse)