Watch How Push Notifications Can Swarm Your iPhone If You’re Mega Famous

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How are you doing on Instagram? If you’re the dude behind the mega-popular soccer-obsessed account 433, you can boast a pretty handsome follower tally. How handsome? We’re talking a decidedly robust 8 million followers. That’s like having the population of Switzerland glued to your wheelings and dealings.

The dude behind the @433, Demy De Zeeuw, has elected to give us IG mortals a glimpse into what it’s like to have push notifications activated when you run this sort of outfit. In a brief 39-second Facebook clip, De Zeeuw lets us regular Joes and Janes gawk at the remarkably validating world of ENDLESS notifications and wonder why our brilliant takes on Costco lines and public transit just hasn’t cracked that barrier yet. Look at this! Even when the clip ends, the push notifications continue to whirl by in a frightening style akin to “The Song That Never Ends.”

Here’s the ingenious twist of De Zeeuw’s notification orgy clip: It’s also earned him tens of millions of look-ins on Facebook. That clip we’re blabbing on about has cracked the 10 million view barrier since its Sunday debut and earned over 120,000 likes in the process. Even the guy’s “look at how sufficiently viewed I am” posts blow up online.

(Via TechCrunch)

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