iOS Still Can't Figure Out Daylight Savings Time

It’s Daylight Savings Time, so, needless to say, most of us are grumpy, poorly rested, and wondering why this annoying system still exists when farmers can just use a damn flashlight. But hopefully, you program your calendar manually if you keep it on iOS, because once again, iOS can’t handle Daylight Savings Time.

It’s been consistent since 2007: Every time we, as a society, grumpily, angrily spring forward, iOS remains blissfully an hour behind, like the hippie OS that it is. And this year is no different, according to Mashable:

Right now if you open the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad running the latest version of iOS, you’ll notice that the red time indication bar displays the correct time, but is actually positioned an hour earlier than it should be. Thankfully, the bug isn’t incredibly damaging (you can still see the correct time numerically), but during the Daylight Savings Time switch day, any little bit of wrong information just adds to the temporal anxiety.

It’s relatively minor, although Calendar mistakes can get people fired. And personally, I’ve always held the belief that Apple has been trying, and failing, to force all of society onto “Apple Time”, which is more efficient because there’s only one platform, but the clocks and calendars can’t be modified.

Still, it’s mostly just entertaining that even after seven years of revision, the iPhone just can’t handle daylight savings time. Seven years of revision and moving the clock forward an hour still bedevils the people who put supercomputers in our pockets. Aren’t you glad they have your credit card information?