Three Different iPhones Are Rumored To Arrive In 2017

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Now that the iPhone 7 is out in the wild and people are comfortable with it, it’s time to spend the next year or so speculating on what will replace it. What’s coming down the pike to push the 7 towards mediocrity? 2017 marks the ten year anniversary of the iPhone, after all, and Apple is predicted to have a fairly wild take on where the smartphone will go next. But the flagship iPhone might not be the only new product they bring to the table.

KGI Securities, which has a fairly solid record of predicting Apple’s actions, recently put out a report on Apple’s 2017 plans, and it looks like in addition to the iPhone 8, there will also be two other iPhones. They will be the larger 5.5 inch size, with the dual-lens camera that had photographers so excited, and one will feature an OLED screen. OLEDs are thinner and lighter than Apple’s current TFT-LCD screens, and have better color fidelity. Needless to say, they’re also not cheap, so iPhones may come in expensive, really expensive, and trophy phone prices depending on what Apple decides to do.

This also looks a lot like Apple wants to push customers towards having a larger phone, and one with an LED screen. Apple tends to introduce an option as a high-end feature before turning it into a standard. That may or may not work out; not everybody is a fan of the larger iPhone. For now, we’ll just have to wait and speculate on what Cupertino has in store next year.

(via 9to5Mac)

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