The iPhone 7 Is Rumored To Have A 3D Camera

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Apple-iPhone-6s-Plus two camera


Apple is rumored to be doing many unusual things with the iPhone 7, inevitably coming fall of this year. So far, the oddest rumor has been that it’s doing away with the trusty headphone jack. But the next rumor is even nuttier, and potentially a lot cooler: The iPhone’s photos might be going 3D.

Current rumor has it that the iPhone 7 will be using a two-camera system. This may sound like overkill, but there are actually a number of good, basic technical reasons that Apple might be going this route. First of all, with two images to draw on, the iPhone 7 would take better photos that more resembled professional quality snaps. It would also improve overall image quality in low light, color fidelity, and could even possibly allow for optical zoom instead of digital zoom.

And, of course, you can take 3D photos. Apple recently bought LinX, an Israeli technology company working with multi-camera systems, and may be incorporating their technology. The results would be, if Apple goes that route, much like the Lytro cameras with their field of focus shifting ability; you could tap on an area of the image and put it into focus.

This is all still rumor, of course, until Apple debuts the next iPhone. But don’t be surprised to see two lenses on its back when it debuts.

(Via TechCrunch)

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