Leaked iPhone 7 Images Reveal The iPhone’s Least Liked Feature Is Even Bigger

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07.12.16 3 Comments


iPhone users generally love the aesthetics of their phones, with one exception. The large, protruding camera lens, a.k.a. the “camera bump,” is a source of much aggravation among a certain class of Apple users, and newly leaked images potentially indicate that the bump is only going to get bigger.

The images, originally leaked by a French Twitter feed, shows a big ol’ bump, slightly bigger than the iPhone 6’s current one. Of course, we do have to bust out the salt shaker here, as there’s a litany of iPhone leaks that turn out to be hoaxes leading up to the debut of any iPhone, but many are analyzing it anyway. And, of course, Apple fans had reactions:

Camera bumps are far from uncommon on smartphones, but also far from beloved. Apple’s own Jony Ive has essentially said that if users want the feature-packed, high-quality camera the iPhone has become known for, it’s a “pragmatic optimization” they’ll have to accept.

By the same token, though, Apple is waging an endless war against the third dimension when it comes to the iPhone. It’s one where they will sacrifice the headphone jack and the mute button just to get a few millimeters shaved off the case. So it’s difficult to see how the company would just settle for letting the bump grow, and that should similarly make you skeptical that the bump isn’t just still there, but even larger.

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