The iPhone 8 Launch Day Lines Were Extremely Short

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Anticipation is usually at an all time high for the release of new Apple products, and it seemed like the rollout of the iPhone 8 was going to be no exception. With the news of an upgraded camera and an absent home button, one expected that Apple devotees would be out in droves like usual to grab the latest tech, high price tag be damned.

However, this does not appear to be the case. While previous release day lines consumed city blocks, the arrival of the iPhone 8 was met with a more subdued reaction. Well, not in Singapore.

Should Apple be worried about this relative lack of interest? Probably not. While it seems like each iteration of the smart phone becomes a little less essential, one has to remember that the iPhone X is just around the corner. With a bigger, better iPhone being launched on November 3, many Apple fans are waiting a few extra months to get their hands on a new device. That being said, the cost of the latest Apple products are getting a bit more cost prohibitive, pricing out many casual users. The hefty price tags may be worth it for major tech geeks, the average person may be more content to hold onto their iPhone 7 a bit longer.

Without any truly revolutionary new features, we’ll have to see how the iPhone 8 and iPhone X sell in the long run. Still, the alleged longer battery life of the X is a true siren’s call.

(Via The Verge)

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