The iPhone 8 Is Rumored To Be Ridiculously Expensive

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Leak after leak has shown the iPhone 8 is going to be one slick piece of technology. It sort of has to be, as Apple’s flagship phone and a celebration of the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. But the question for many is just how much it’s going to cost, and unsurprisingly, the rumor mill is claiming you’ll need to open your wallet up wide.

iPhones are never cheap, of course. The iPhone 7 starts at $650 and the iPhone 7 Plus at $750. Business Insider obtained an internal memo from Goldman Sachs about the iPhone 8 with an eye-popping price estimate, however, of $1000 for the base model. Yes, four figures. Apparently, this is due in part to the OLED screen Apple’s using and the dual camera on the back that will allow Apple to pursue the augmented reality plans it’s been subtly talking up. In other words, Apple’s hoping that the phone’s new features will be worth a fairly substantial price bump.

There’s no question that Apple will sell millions of the iPhone 8. Even in an “off-year,” creatively speaking, the iPhone sells by the shipping container. The real question will be whether Apple can deliver on the building hype around the iPhone. So far, we’ve only seen the shell of Apple’s tenth-anniversary device. Whether it’s worth a thousand dollars will be up to what we see in its heart.

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