The iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Have Facial Recognition Tech That Can Mute Notifications And Possibly Unlock The Screen


With the September release of the iPhone impending, more details about the fresh new tech are bubbling to the surface. We’ve seen the leaks showing the glass back plate possibly hinting towards induction charging technology, the camera is getting a major upgrade, and disturbingly, rumor has it that the home button will be removed from the upcoming high-end device.

Now TechCrunch is reporting — via Guilherme Rambo‘s expert dissection of the Homepod firmware which has accidentally unleashed a vast amount of iPhone 8 secrets — that the iPhone will be able to recognize your face, and that can lead to a host of interesting features, the first of which is notification muting.

Basically, this will remove the annoying little instances when you’re looking at your phone, then, depending on your settings, a text or push notification will vibrate in your hand and you’ll get your duck quack (or whatever, we’re not judging) noise going off for no reason. You can see the dropdown, so it’s overkill. Those days are gone.

What the facial recognition tech can also do is unlock your phone by seeing your face, removing the need for a password or even the touch ID sensor. The report continues, stating the new phone will likely have two front-facing cameras and an infrared sensor to help with this facial recognition unlocking.

The next question is probably on all of our minds: is this secure? Could someone point a phone at someone’s sleeping face in order to unlock it, or will the device be able to recognize that the owner is not operating the phone?

We’ll hopefully find out more in just a few weeks when no less than three iPhones are set to be announced for release, with the iPhone 8 leading the charge as by far the most advanced device you can fit in the palm of your hand.

(Via TechCrunch)