iPhone Instagram Users Cry About Android Users In Their Feed

Look, we’re not the biggest fans of Instagram around here. This is because Instagram exists not to offer unique and creative filters, but to serve as a barrier against the shoddy use of negative space and the inability to decide what’s an interesting subject for a photograph. It makes photos look bad so people can’t tell how bad they are.

With that said, we’re not against non-iPhone users getting access to Instagram — we believe Android users have every right to make their pictures look crappy as well if they choose to.

But now that Instagram has arrived on Android, we get to take a look at all the hilarious elitism the world’s iPhone snobs can unleash! And, as Buzzfeed points out, boy is there a lot of it!

The basic supposition — even if it’s being “ironic” — is that Instagram is going to be ruined by the shitty taste of Android users. If you don’t have enough taste to pick the right phone, you can’t possibly have enough taste to shoot supercool images, right?

iPhone users are such elitist dicks.