Even The CEO Of Twitter Can’t Protect His Twitter Account

Harassment and security on Twitter is an endless, exhausting treadmill of a problem, and nobody — not even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — is completely immune from death threats and mean tweets. Still, in spite of all that, you’d think the CEO of Twitter could protect his account, right? Not so much, as it turns out!

Committed by the same cluster of hackers who embarrassed Mark Zuckerberg (OurMine), Jack Dorsey saw his account hijacked early this morning. Just like Zuckerberg’s embarrassingly easy-to-guess password, it looks like Dorsey linked his Twitter account to his Vine account, and OurMine exploited that to post Vines of themselves making fun of one of the most powerful men in social media. Being CEO had one advantage: Dorsey had his problem quickly addressed and, within an hour, his account was back under his control.

Of course it’s fun to point and laugh at the powerful getting hoist by their own petard, but it’s an important reminder of a few basic security features. Only link your social media accounts if you have secure passwords on both, and change your passwords on your social media accounts regularly. Also, apparently, it helps to not be a tech CEO: Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, got her account breached yesterday.

(Via Engadget)