Jay-Z Envisions A Wireless Future Where Your Phone’s Always Charged

Back in January, Jay-Z signed on to be a spokesperson for Duracell Powermat, leading many to joke that it was only a matter of time before the rapper recorded a song dissing the Energizer bunny. That hasn’t happened yet, nor a Nintendo Power Glove namedrop, but something good did come out of the deal.

Reports Fox News:

On Monday, June 11, the rap powerhouse unveiled a partnership with Duracell and Proctor & Gamble to market wireless charging systems and deploy wireless hotspots at several major locations around [New York City], including the multimillionaire’s own 40/40 Club on Madison Square Park in Manhattan.

“Mobile devices have become essential tools in business, entertainment and managing our social lives,” said Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, an investor in the Duracell Powermat joint venture. “Being able to charge wirelessly is a necessary step into the future.” (Via)

And the future involves small discs acting as hotspots being installed everywhere, so that all you have to do is place your phone on top of one and it automatically begins charging. A fully juiced phone is going to be necessary, too, when laptops become a thing of the past, and you need to see what your friends are up to on the new Facebook/Google/Wikipedia/every website, www.jayz.jayz/blueivy.

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