John McAfee Hilariously Explains How To Uninstall His Former Company's Virus Software

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06.19.13 5 Comments

john mcafee

Despite not having to do anything with the company he founded and then sold over a decade ago, John McAfee, of McAfee Antivirus, still receives letters to this day from angry customers, wondering how they can uninstall the damn thing. (Ronald L. McDonald of Hamborger, Mississippi has the same problem — no, he CAN’T do anything about the dead mouse you found in your Big Mac.) He’s moved onto other things, guys, like lighting his cigarettes with money, getting kissed on the cheek by gorgeous women, and wearing only the finest bathrobes fit for a software mogul.

But in a new video, he aims to set the record straight on how to get rid of McAfee Antivirus, which used to be a “beautiful software and [then] they took it over. I don’t know what they did,” “they” being Intel. Lap dances, bath salts, and loaded pistols are involved. Did I say “hilariously” in the headline? I meant this is McAfee’s real life.

(Via Reddit)

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