We Are All Kenny Riordon

09.25.12 2 Comments

Kenny Riordon is your average bro, a guy just like me and many of you reading this. He’s a good dude, but he’s in a bit of a rut. He’s in debt, has some crappy friends bringing him down, and his girlfriend treats him like a smelly dishrag. We’ve all been there, right?

How does one begin to pull oneself out of such a rut? By having a moment of enlightenment, that’s how!

Kenny’s moment of enlightenment is about to change his world forever. Played by his girl, and the world at large, he trashes everything and everyone sucking him dry. A switch in phone companies unlocks a new Kenny, and reveals his higher calling.

You guys, we are all Kenny Riordon. I mean, who doesn’t want to hook up with a cute barista from their local coffee shop?

This post has been sponsored by Virgin Mobile.

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