Buttercup The Duck Got A New Foot From A 3D Printer

07.03.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

gammasquadbuttercup1F–K YEEEEEEEEAH!

First off, yes, somewhere out there in the world, there’s a duck named Buttercup. Feeling those warm feelings already, aren’t you?

Well, get ready for the sad part — Buttercup was born with a backwards-facing foot that had to be amputated. Poor Buttercup! But wait, folks were able to harness the miracle that is 3D printing technology to make Buttercup a new foot. Hooray! Hit the jump to check out video of Buttercup bootin’ it around on his (takes a manly duck to own a name like Buttercup) new foot…


Here’s a closer look at Buttercup’s new foot…


Also, a picture of Buttercup as a baby, JUST CUZ.


via DesignBoom & io9

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