Labels Want Google To Challenge iTunes, Without Their Music

We’ve explained previously how iTunes and its refusal to sell albums is the driving factor in the music industry’s plunging revenues (oh noes, ONLY $6.3 BILLION!!!  IN THE US ALONE!!!  BEFORE RINGTONES, MERCHANDISE, AND OTHER REVENUE!!!  AAAAIIIEEEEE!!!!), and that Amazon turned out to not exactly be the magic album-pushing iTunes killer the music industry was looking for, what with their $5 albums and stuff.  And now Google is firing up a music store, so, problem solved, right? Google will crush everything and everybody and restore our stranglehold on popular culture, comrade!

Of course, the music labels apparently want to do this without actually giving Google Music a license to sell their songs, as only Universal Music Group has hopped onto this particular train, so, uh, the revolution is probably pretty short-lived. But, hey, Droid users, you’ll finally be able to buy music from Google! That’s a feature!