Latest White People Problem: Amazon Testing A Redesign

Grab your ankles and tuck your head: Amazon is testing a page redesign.

Honestly, we always dread page redesigns around here because they’re even less of a news article than anything ever done by the cast of “Jersey Shore.” Unless the Situation gets that beatdown he’s been begging for, of course. Still, people freak as if some site they love has suddenly declared a new, daring business model involving stomping kittens and eating babies.

So the upcoming Amazon site redesign, despite the fact that it’s kind of minor, is worrying. Why? Because everyone uses Amazon, and thus everybody will whine about it, at length, on Twitter. “You mean I have to type in everything? In a search box? RUINED FOREVER!!!”

Or maybe people will be chill about it. But somehow we doubt it.

(Image via Mashable)