Want A Fridge That Runs Windows 10? LG Has You Covered

Your home is getting smarter. As the basic electronics in everything from your stove to your lightbulbs become more advanced, it opens new and exciting frontiers in networking all your home’s appliances together, as well as new and exciting ways for hackers to steal your email address. This belief in the coming Internet of Things means that you can expect your appliances to be more and more advanced, including this refrigerator from LG, which has an Intel Atom processor and runs Windows 10.

It’s not really clear why, exactly, this exists, beyond the fact that LG could do it in the first place. But at least LG went all the way; this isn’t some “slimmed down” operating system or a half-pint computer, this is a 29-inch touchscreen with full Windows 10 functionality. It’s even translucent so you can see inside your fridge while you surf the internet on it. In theory, you can install Doom, hook up a wireless controller, and frag a few cyberdemons while you’re waiting for your Pop Tarts to bake, or use it for cooking stuff like YouTube videos of recipes and fitness tracking, we guess.

LG doesn’t yet have a release date or a price, but this is really just the first wave. As microprocessors get smaller and cheaper, expect more flashy fridges, stoves, and everything else to start turning up at Home Depot. Doom not included.

(via The Verge)