LG’s New Phone Ad Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing You See Today

LG has a new phone on the market, the G Flex, a curved screen device that is, by all accounts, actually quite nice. So LG decided to emphasize the humanity of the phone the good old-fashioned way: By crafting an ad that will haunt your nightmares!

The basic thrust of this ad was to emphasize that the phone was “human.” Most people would interpret this as “showing how the phone fits into day-to-day life.” LG’s ad agency took the phrase… somewhat more literally.

Keep in mind, it’s not like the staff for this ad all got high at once, saw Videodrome, and decided they could totally top that. This took planning. They storyboarded this. They paid for visual effects work. At no time, at any point, in this process, did they look at this:

Or this:

And think: “You know, this might, instead of raising awareness of this phone, make people sit in the corner, staring blankly, their minds overwhelmed with horror.” Or maybe “The ending gag where this guy makes out with his own hand is simultaneously grotesque and pathetic, not funny.” If that’s not awful enough for you, try and sit through lines like “WOLVERINE LIKE A BOSS!” and try not to wonder how much someone got paid to write that.

Still, if it’s any consolation, LG, at least you’re not Samsung. You’ve got that going for you, at least.